fear of the day: “spiders straight out of the Jurassic period”

that’s what an air-conditioning technician says he has run across while fixing units in people’s attics, in an interview on NPR/Marketplace this evening.

made me shiver.

I heard once that no matter where you are, you’re never more than 10 feet away from a spider. (but I just thought of an exception: swimming in the middle of a pool.  mental note…)

BONUS FEAR:  listening to Marketplace is going to turn me into a socialist.  it seems that they always put the worst spin on any good financial news, and seem to take delight when the markets are down.  this week they had a series on ‘World Workers’, and yesterday their subject was a trans-gender sex worker in Baku, Azerbaijan.  I kid you not. what does that have to do with financial markets and business news?  it’s like trying turning to Fox News and hoping to get fair and balanced information.  why do I even bother?


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