maybe this explains why I hypermile this 333 hp Ultimate Driving Machine…

from Knowledge@Wharton:

In the days and weeks after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, millions of Americans came to grips with one undeniable fact: They were going to die. Having finally admitted to that, they did what one might expect. They started living.

As documented in various media reports, Americans in the wake of those attacks began doing all of the things they had always wanted to do. That included, apparently, a whole lot of shopping. They bought pricy luxury items — Rolex watches, Mercedes Benz automobiles, high-end clothing — and stocked up on food and supplies like never before.

so not a Mercedes-Benz, but close.

and in the midst of the Anthrax scare (and being in the immediate area of at least some of the attacks), I went on a duct-tape spree and stocked an emergency Rubbermaid container full of batteries, water, etc.  the good news: as the paranoia subsided, the emergency kit became baby clothes storage… but I still remember the look on the kid’s face at the local hardware store when I was buying 3/4″ wide duct-tape (because Wal-mart/Target were literally sold out of all sizes, and even this local place was sold out of regular size [1.5″?]), justifying that it was enough to cover the gap in doorframes, etc.  I’m pretty sure his eye-roll will live on in my memory forever.

big old hat tip to reason.


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  1. We were also encouraged to spend spend spend as out patriotic duty, as I recall.

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