best. wife. ever.

Happy Birthday to Me!  (Thanks K)



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3 responses to “best. wife. ever.

  1. backamp

    Very nice! Any outlook on whether other brands of beer will use compatible kegs? Can’t go around driking Heine 24/7. 😉

  2. Bryan H

    Funny, I got Amanda the exact same thing. Way to go, K. Happy Birthday and congrats on the new little one on the way. For what it’s worth, I like the name Jaxon too, but I would use the double x-Jaxxon.

  3. @backamp: my wife says the salesperson told her that the patent on Heineken’s mini-keg runs out soon, so other brewers will be able to start using it. It also looks a lot like mini-kegs available in Canada for a while, so there is hope. The tube from the keg to the tap/lever has the beer brand on it, so it shows through the front, so if you buy Miller Lite that logo would show through.

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