must. have. them.

words can not begin to explain…

I’m kind of surprised they’re at Pottery Barn, but not entirely.

note to family members:  MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP.
btw, I don’t have a twin bed anymore… pillow cases will suffice.

hat tip to my dear sister…



Filed under nostalgia

4 responses to “must. have. them.

  1. Bryan H

    Oh, so sweet. In fact, it looks like they do have queen size. Suddenly, I think my guest bedroom bed needs an upgrade.

  2. Rob

    They DO have them in Queen size, I have the catalog right here… a bit pricey, but hey, who doesn’t need sheets to sleep on?

  3. carla

    I guess I shouldn’t tell you that we have the original set here at our house…or at least the pillowcase. Or I should tell you so that you are extremely jealous…and then I should guard them with my life next time you visit. 🙂

  4. My mother thanks you. She has now taken care of part of my sister’s Christmas gift. Of course, I am not sure how my dear sister-in-law will feel about them!

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