I think the New Yorker cover is brilliant

clearly, clearly satirical.  if it was only one of the allusions (Muslim Obama, Michelle the Militant, Osama on the wall, the burning flag), it wouldn’t be very effective, but through them all together and almost as good as eating babies.

shame on all the talking heads who say, “well, I get it, but the problem is most Americans won’t”.

as uncomfortable as this might make some people, I believe the discussion it creates will do more to dispell the incorrect depictions of Obama than his Fight The Smears website ever could.  anything that gets us one step closer to Grandma no longer thinking he’s Muslim is good in my book.

and no, this doesn’t make me any more likely to vote for him.


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One response to “I think the New Yorker cover is brilliant

  1. Bryan H

    I agree, I think it’s funny as hell. I’m glad a media source is unafraid to cater to something besides the lowest common denominator. These pundits who think Americans are stupid continue to wonder why they are called elitist. Finally, if there are folks out there too stupid to get the joke, I’m pretty sure they are not reading the New Yorker anyway.

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