get out of my dreams, get into my electric car

she wants a 100 mpg car too, and thinks electric is the way to go.  like I said before, I don’t care how I get 100 mpg equivalent (let’s say $0.04/mile, where right now my commute costs $0.14/mile), I’d just like to get there sometime soon. seems to have an interesting vlog each and every day, with a libertarian bent (though they never come right out and get preachy about it).  if the hostess looks familiar, it’s because she stars in Crest Whitestrips TV ads where she has a smile so bright it makes mere mortals look like a spokesmen for Hedley & Wyche.  she’s also in an ad that, for about 15 seconds, actually made me want to have four periods per year.  (when Logical is doing all the research and web-surfing, I felt I could really relate.  and when Emotional is dancing around; well don’t we all want to feel that carefree?  seriously, she’s that good.)

unfortunately, she’s looking to Detroit for a solution.  good luck getting anything innovative out of them, I’m still looking towards Silicon Valley…

here’s moblogic’s inaugural post with a brief introduction:

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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2 responses to “get out of my dreams, get into my electric car

  1. Kerry bradshaw

    Looking to Silicon Valley? That’s where a pc industry used to be, before it was moved to where people actually work for a living – in Asia. Let’s look at what Silicon Valley has come up with. Let’s take the Tesla. Think the Tes;a’s is high tech, ahead o, say the Chevy Volt? Think again – the Tesla is using decades old obsolete 1st generation li ion flashlight batteries (8671) of them for power.
    They might last 5 years and cost over $25,000. The Chevy Volt, unlike the Tesla, can go anywhere at any time you wish. It costs about 1/3rd as much. Its 40 miles electric range can eliminate 95% of liquid fuel requirements for comuting and 94% for all other driving. Its battery is warranteed for 10 years and costs $16K and will certainly last at least 12 years. The Tesla battery has a 3 year warranty. The Tesla was recalled for mechanical problems before the first one was delivered. Silicon Valley better stick to the computers that are still left in this country and learn something about practical electrified vehicles before they start trying to build them, or they could end up like Tesla, about to be clobbered by the Volt-design
    Fisker Karma that looks a whole lot better, costs $20,000 less, carries 2+2, is faster and is being built by a compnay that builds the Boxster, a real
    professional automaker, not an amateur like tesla.

  2. exactly, that’s where the PC industry was incubated, where innovation drives new product categories, until they become commodities produced where it is most cost-efficient (Asia, in your example).

    your last paragraph sounds equivalent to looking at Silicon Valley in 1983 and saying, “stick with a real computer company like IBM, who builds mainframes, not amateurs like Apple or Microsoft.”

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