let the punishment fit the [fashion] crime

[click the image for the full story, but you’ll probably get the idea…]

“I believe it’s a national nuisance. It is indecent and thus it is indecent exposure, which has been on the books for years.”

… says Chief Dicks.  says Wikipedia:

In the fifty states of the United States indecent exposure is defined by state law as exposure of the genitals and/or the female breast in a public place and may in some states require evidence of intent to shock, arouse or offend other persons.

of course, the Chief shouldn’t be expected to know the laws as they are interpreted by the courts or anything; police should enforce the laws as they see fit.  and no, buttocks are not genitals.

give me a money quote to leave with, Chief:

“This immoral self expression goes beyond freedom of expression.”

brought to you by “the land of the free, and the home of the brave”.

or something like that.



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11 responses to “let the punishment fit the [fashion] crime

  1. I am no longer surprised at the lengths to which some people will go… Certainly the tax payers of Flint will not be happy when their dollars have to pay for court challenges to this law. And they will be there, especially with sagging pants being probable cause for a further search.
    Sagging is stupid, don’t get me wrong. I am constantly having to get our kids to pull their pants up; but this is a bit much– even on a municipal level.
    I wonder who will repair drains in flint when all the plumbers have been tossed into the slammer?

  2. I loathe the saggy pants epidemic, but wouldn’t their actual ASS need to be showing to be indecent exposure?

  3. killer

    nowhere in chris’ “report” did the word ass or buttocks get mentioned in “indecent exposure. from now on i will be walking around with my ass completely hanging out of my pants with no genitalia exposed…this is legal according to chris and is not indecent exposure therefore it is ok…

  4. And while Chris would probably never again be seen with you in public, I think it is safe to presume that he would defend your right to make such a bizarre fashion choice, Killer.

  5. killer

    i find it hard to believe that he’d think it ok for my ass or anyone’s ass to be completely hanging out of his pants in public.
    maybe when his daughter is a little older she could do it to?

  6. So the only choices are “ok” or “criminal” in this? Where do “stripes on plaid” fall?

  7. killer

    wear what you want but keep ALL your privates private….
    im not saying we should make this a law , i’m just saying that it’s gross and stupid and im tired of seeing people’s underwear.
    i am also saying that i think allowing people to let their asses hang out IS indecent and maybe needs to be revisited

  8. Kelly nailed it — it’s not right, but if you did it I’d smack you upside the head and tell you to make yourself look respectable. and if you didn’t, I’d try to shame you, and failing that I’d avoid you. I imagine most people would avoid you and your naked ass, and the social ostracism is sufficient punishment — in fact it’s exactly the punishment that fits this crime.

    instead, the members of this community fail to hold each other up to personal standards of behavior, abdicating that authority to the police, and think that making this a criminal matter is a fine, fine thing. that’s the kind of thinking that should get your citizenship revoked.

    the thing I really don’t get is, what about the “warning” level? if you have the lowest level of exposure, you get a warning. so if you’re caught with that level of exposure again, do you just get another warning? where is the threat if all you ever get at the lowest level is a warning? “stop that, or I’ll say stop again!”

    of course, the warning creates probable cause to search violators for weapons and drugs… that’s what this is really all about.

  9. stripes on plaid are criminal. I’m pretty sure that’s settled law.

  10. and thanks for dragging my daughter into this… if it was her I’d set her straight — exactly what the mothers, fathers, and grandparents in this community (and across the country) should be doing.

  11. killer

    ok then let’s say that instead of just me hanging my ass out, it’s loads of people in public doing it. is that still ok? would you want your daughter to see that?
    see as a teacher, i see things and think do i want the kids i teach to see stuff like that and i can tell you that no matter what the (stupid man-made arbitrary) law says, hanging your ass out in public IS indecent exposure

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