[paraphrased somewhat]

“my [daughter, nephew, niece, whatever] had a teacher that started teaching them evolution.  she said not to tell their parents or anyone what she was teaching them, and last year it seemed to be OK, but this year somebody must have slipped… it’s not like you can teach kids that in school, and this was a Catholic school, so especially not there…

evolution says that we all evolved from, well from something or other…

… cuz her science teacher is like, a scientist.  and, it’s not like all scientists, but a lot of scientists, they don’t even believe in God — seriously!”

yeah.  I overheard this at work today.  well, at the ‘client site’ to be more specific.

I didn’t think Catholics had a huge problem with evolution (they’re not typically Creationists, are they?), which Wikipedia confirms, so this was doubly dumbfounding.

I was most astonished that the person didn’t even seem to be clear what we might have evolved from.  apparently her schooling had sheltered her from that harsh theory.



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2 responses to “overheard

  1. Religious school or not, teaching evolution is part of the state standards for science.
    I grew up in the Bible belt, where “debates” were staged between science professors and proponents of Specific Creation. I remember going to one such event with my mum. Someone from church saw us there and mistook the reason for our presence (the college professor was a man whom my mother respects and for whom she did research). Mostly, I remember my mother handling a potentially awkward situation with grace.

  2. I watched a program last night that said we evolved from some little primate that was about the size of a mouse, I no longer believe in God, Mouse-primate is now my way of living. foraging for berries and scurrying about the place is so much more fun!!!

    BTW I am kidding, I think it’s funny how some people can be so detached from the world around them and not even really know what is what.. as your post showed, everything in the world is on wikipedia…

    got to go, I smell berries!!

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