you’re gonna love 2009

so the kids at VH1 haven’t had enough love yet — they Loved the 80’s, they Loved the 70’s, they Loved the 90’s. they loved them all so much, they had two servings of the 70’s and 90’s and a third serving of the 80’s… you think that we’d be free and clear of all this pop-culture self-love for at least a few years, until we’d cleared the naughts, right?


(wait, Wayne’s World was in the I-Love-The-90’s, wasn’t it?)

It’s only 2008, and VH1 is remembering the decade that isn’t done yet with I Love the New Millennium. And I’m not going to say anything bad about the show or the people who are lulled into a stupefied, hypnotic trance by watch it… I’ve wasted almost as much time on VH1’s mindless Saturday programming as I’ve wasted in rush hour traffic each year. It’s not supposed to be intellectually challenging, but the washed up celebrities their digging up for appearances are so recent, it becomes frustratingly confusing. Is Andrew W.K. currently considered a celebrity? Is he washed up? or is he there for irony, as he was never really A-list? How about Sisqo? VH1 shows shouldn’t require mental gymnastics to enjoy.

I’m wondering how this season is going to end, and secretly hoping that I’m going to catch the I Love 2009 episode that will clue me into all the fads, celebrity faux pas, and internet memes before they happen.

That would be great.

[ahh, Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar) singing Fergie’s “London Bridge” — I love I LOVE 2006.]


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  1. Sarah

    Andrew WK is a celebrity in my book. He just opened a nightclub in New york city and the place is off the hook! PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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