hey Kobe, show me how you Gas Face

in Shaq’s defense, do you realize how difficult it is to rhyme something with “last place”?  I mean, that’s almost as impossible as rhyming with “orange”.

what amazes me the most about this is what TMZ has bleeped from the video…  apparently you can string together several words into an offensive sentence, and there’s no need to bleep the sentence; but a handful of offensive words have to be bleeped.  shit gets bleeped.  nigga, when used by a black man (Shaq) in a non-offensive way, gets bleeped.  but asking another man ‘tell me how my ass tastes’?  yeah, that’s permitted, even on TV.  I don’t get it.

anyhow, the only thing I can come up with that rhymes with “last place” is “gas face”.  for those of you who have forgotten (or tried to forget), here’s MC Serch and Prime Minister Pete Nice laying it down:


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