translation: become a shareholder

am I the only one who sees that as the obvious message from this editorial cartoon?

what I imagine everyone else sees: being a wage slave is a run-around, a rat race.  (no argument there.)  and the ‘stockholders’ sign is supposed to imply that a share of the profits are unattainable to anyone but the CEO.

that couldn’t be further from the truth — almost anyone can be a shareholder, just buy some shares.  many public companies have employee stock purchase plans, some even give discounts on the stock to encourage employee ownership.*

it’s true that CEO’s may receive stock grants and options as part of their compensation package, and no doubt that puts them on the fast track to wealth accumulation if the company is profitable — but it’s misleading to imply that stock ownership is out of reach of everyone else.

[* full disclosure:  I have no idea why I’m promoting employee stock purchase plans so heavily — I’ve been virtually Enron’d (Worldcom’d?) by our plan.  I guess I hold out hope that next time around, things could be better — the same investment in a company that isn’t actively trying to go bankrupt and I could be sitting pretty.  long story short, your mileage may vary — buyer beware.]


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