bigger than I would have imagined

a view of the Earth and Moon, from Mars.

nevermind — when I first saw this image I assumed that the viewpoint was perpendicular to the moon’s orbit of the Earth; the way you would expect to see it if it was diagrammed in a science textbook. and if that was the case, the moon looked too large and too close to Earth… but then I realized that the moon’s plane could be tilted towards Mars, giving the perspective the moon is much closer to Earth when in fact it is closer to Mars (so it appears larger, relatively).

still, even after over-thinking the whole thing, it’s pretty awe-inspiring.

tip to reason. we like the moooon! (coz it is close to us)

update:  I guess I missed this picture a few years ago, where the moon looks huge and almost crashing into the Earth!

yikes!  who will save the children?!  that was taken from the Voyageur probe, or some other wasteful NASA program…


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