“The Mark of the Beast is your I.P. address”

The Mark of the Beast is your I.P. address, combine that with a phone (pda’s, blackberries) and you have the mark in your hand !

this, and other gems, at Barack Obama the Anti-Christ? under the post Scripture Challenge. the challenge was to list bible passages that directly support the theory that Obama is the anti-Christ. 82 comments followed, with barely a handful of scripture and more insane theories than a weekend with Oliver Stone and a keg of Red Bull.

the biblical scholar quoted above also refers to Nostradamus as a prophet, “in this world to point us to the truth and show us the way.” riiiight.

originally, I was going to write about the bizarre run-in I had with an elderly in-law. somehow, everyone else had cleared out of the room for a few minutes, and in the quiet she started asking me what I thought about Obama. “oh, it’s an interesting race,” I said. “He’s a muslim, you know,” she replied. “No, no he’s not,” I objected. I explained to her that he proclaims to be a Christian, that he has attended a Christian church for years and years, and that he went to a “muslim” school in Indonesia simply because that was the best local option. “Well, he has a muslim background…”  You can imagine how awkward the silence was for the next few minutes.

if you want to see what your IP address is, you can check it here.  if it’s, well, serves you right for walking among the unwashed on the internet.


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