not sure what to make of all this

[warning, this story is at least a month old]

Maya Angelou had the opportunity to speak to Cornell’s graduating class this year.

“People of my generation are ashamed of the world we are leaving,” she said. “I am. I just wish we hadn’t left a world full of blood thirst, ignorance, and hatred…”

“The chore on you is to make this country better than it is today.”

Wow, what an inspiration. In more perilous times, leaders issued a call-to-arms to youth to ‘seize the day’, to ‘make the most of opportunities’, to ‘ask not what your country can do for you’… now it’s considered ‘a chore’.

Not to mention that Ms. Angelou has lived through much darker days; raped at the hands of a family member, living through the Great Depression and a World War, through the Civil Rights struggles of the 60’s — and she thinks the world today is ignorant and full of hatred?

Am I the only one who thinks she has this terribly wrong?


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