hat trick, baby

I haven’t been able to say that in a long, long time.

all this year I’ve been saying that I am looking for my ‘next team’ — something a level down (or two); something where I’m not the slowest, least coordinated guy on the ice.  and then put up five goals in three games (it should have been six goals in three games, but I didn’t get credit for a redirect in front of the net a few games ago).

it’s not like I dominated this game.  far from it; it was a 9-8 win and none of my goals were pretty.  but they all count, and I think I had at least a couple of assists to go with them.  it was our team’s first win of this shortened Spring league, just in time to make a run for the playoffs.  go Blue!



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2 responses to “hat trick, baby

  1. Bryan

    I’m glad one of us is still getting it done. Nice work. Good luck with the playoff push.

  2. killer

    playoff beard round 2??

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