two from Stephen Colbert

these segments were both worth watching:

  • George Will, who catches Colbert on his heels at the end
  • Libertarian candidate for President, Bob Barr.

I would embed them if I could.  they’re only about 7 minutes each — enjoy.



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5 responses to “two from Stephen Colbert

  1. Just out of curiosity– how the heck did Bob Barr get the nomination?
    I just don’t find him to be consistent…
    Am I going to have to sit out this election, too?

  2. politicians, consistent? since when was that a prerequisite?

    though I would like to know what his Nolan score is. apparently he really really regrets his vote on the PATRIOT act… I guess that was good enough for the LP.

  3. I guess it is the fact that he voted in favor of the Federal Defense of Marriage act that bugs me. I promised myself after the 200 election that I would never again vote AGAINST a candidate, but only FOR. I am now regretting such a rash statement. {beats head against wall}

  4. yeah. is it good enough that he now admits it was wrong and is ready to repeal it?

  5. I don’t know. The only action he has put behind his words is to resign from the GOP, which really is not necessary. If he feels, as he say, that the party has left him and other libertarian leaning republicans, why not stay and fight? I just cannot shake the feeling that he wants to further his own agenda. Shoot, I am a card-carrying GOP member, so perhaps I really cannot even comment. I just think that Ron Paul has done more to bring liberty to dinner table discussions than Bob Barr. I would like to go the bed on June 30th and wake up November 5th.

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