I feel like I’d vote for this guy

unfortunately he’s a candidate we’ll never get a chance to vote for — he’s too honest.  here’s the highlights:

  • Fellow Americans, I know you worry about the economy. So do I. But, frankly, if you elect me, I won’t do much about it… [it’s too big; the President can’t really do anything to manage it]
  • What we can do is preserve an economic climate that favors long-term growth…
  • Of necessity, spending cuts should focus on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid…
  • We’ve also dawdled on energy. No one likes $125 a barrel oil. Last year, we paid an average price of $64 a barrel for imports. Some blame the oil companies, but the truth is that we’re all to blame. Americans like cheap gasoline and big vehicles…
  • “Energy independence” is a fraud… [amen.]

I’m not sure that I agree with his final point about poverty and immigration, but if it came down to one misguided policy out of a dozen (versus what we see already from the Republicans and Democrats), he’d get my vote.

of course, he wouldn’t get many other votes, because the voting populace doesn’t value sincerity and can’t handle complexity.  scratch that — they prefer emotionally satisfying explanations over logic and reason.  no surprise there, but it’s still disheartening to read such a clear explanation and know that 90% of your friends and neighbors could care less.  (“dey took ur jobs!”)


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