weird world

I joked about doing something like this with sheet metal from my car, but this guy did it for real:

Bill Bramanti, poses with a coffin he had specially made designed to look like a can of his favorite beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon.

that is almost too much awsomeness. I wonder if Panozzo Bros. Funeral Home can fashion one like a Heineken Keg Can. Or maybe a Molson bottle (twin-label technology, perhaps?).



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2 responses to “weird world

  1. So, what would your second label say?
    We have quite a collection of second labels. The plan is to decoupage them onto one of Jon’s basses. I never know when or where one will turn up– sometimes at a rather uncomfortable moment, like at junior high Bible study.

  2. from the list:

    #26 I’m Cooler Than Almost Everybody Here
    (and for the first time it would be absolutely true)

    #30 I’d Rather Be Writhing

    #68 I See Dumb People

    #00 I’m not a mouse in a bottle, but try to redeem me for a two-four anyway (hoser)

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