I guess I shouldn’t complain

marginal tax rates from 1954 are in red below, current rates in blue —

it’s nice to know that when I push my income up over the $750,000 mark, my marginal tax rate won’t go from 88% to 90% (paying $900 in taxes for every additional $1,000 I earn), like back in the ’50s.  I’ll only be paying $370 tax on each addition $1000, just like back when I only made $325,000.  good times.

[political calculations has all kinds of interesting stuff, like what are the chances your marriage will last? (KJ and I have a 45% chance of reaching 25 years and a 30% chance of reaching 35 years…  yikes!)]



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3 responses to “I guess I shouldn’t complain

  1. That marriage probability thing is pretty hilarious. I plugged in my parents’ data and came of with a 5.66% chance that they will make it to 40 years, which they will reach next August.

  2. Don’t let the lower odds for long-term wedded bliss from that marriage tool throw you! The original data that Garth Sundem used to create his approximation came from the CDC, which means that the probabilities for the long haul are lowered by anything that might cause one spouse to die before the other, like car accidents or disease.

  3. Ironman: thanks for the clarification — when I was playing with the numbers I wondered if it took into account death (accidental or health related), as opposed to just divorce. I’m not sure if it’s any more comforting to expect that I’m more likely to die than make it to our 35th anniversary…

    and Kelly — great news! your parents beat the odds on both divorce and early death! we should all be so fortunate, right? after beating odds like that, I propose they spend their 40th anniversary in Vegas…

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