the free market of ideas

I read an interesting op-ed about how Islam is poised to take over the world — not in a few years due to a War of Terror, but as a result of shifting demographics and replacement birth rates (hard to argue with…) Actually makes a lot of sense — but is it that something to be feared?

if a combination of genetics/breeding and religious/philosophical education resulted in our current state, should we be fearful of the potential/probable outcomes based on breeding/rearing in the future? or is that just a triumph in the marketplace of ideas for parents/suppport-structures? ergo, “may he who builds the better social structure strive”




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2 responses to “the free market of ideas

  1. godozo

    Interesting thought. I too have been more than a bit concerned over the apparent inability of “liberal society” (read: Western European/Japanese/USA) to breed its future.

    While one can argue successfully that you can have an ethical society without God, the idea of a world limited to what’s going on now seems to dictate against bearing children (costly, little immediate benefit). Seems only the Mexicans and Muslims are adding to “liberal society” nowadays; will lead to interesting days (especially if things do indeed go downhill fast).

  2. I know I started off with the breeding angle, but I’m just as intrigued with this as a consumer choice issue —

    people are consumers of religion. they choose the one that brings them the biggest benefits, whether it’s internal peace, social acceptance, benefits in the afterlife — whatnot.

    so what is it about Islam that leads to greater birth rates? I imagine both religions implore their people to fill the earth with descendants, do Muslims just obey more selflessly? do they have more hope for their children than Christians? just curious.

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