Juno – shiny happy fits of rage…

I just liked it.

But I really, really like the soundtrack. Not enough to buy it, but I’ve heard it, and it may be playing in my car right now…

Good times. Juliana doesn’t get it, but she dances like a crazy-baby…

Juno MacGuff: Oh and you know what? I bought another Sonic Youth album and it sucked… it’s just noise.




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4 responses to “Juno – shiny happy fits of rage…

  1. Bryan

    Funniest movie I’ve seen a really long time. The rapid fire dialogue was outstanding and proved to me even more that I’m out of touch with how the kids/cool people talk. I’m fine with that, but I fear I will soon need an interpreter. Wizard.

  2. I loved it, Jon liked it. I actually purchased this movie (which I seldom do anymore) so that I could loan it out to parents of my youth.

  3. killer

    sonic youth sucks!! haaaaaaaaaa….i think i said that before

  4. Um. No, Sonic Youth far from sucks. Am I the only person who thought Kim looked more than she was Thurston’s aunt than his wife?

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