One GOP strategist took Paul’s level of support in Pennsylvania as a cautionary sign, calling it “alarming.”

Yeah, I’d say.

I’ve followed Paul pretty closely, and to hear he took 16% in PA, after the Paul campaign had basically halted and where McCain was the only legitimate candidate… well, what do you think that says?

[OK, not such a hard question — I guess it says that they support Paul on Iraq (get out) vs McCain (‘Mr. I-architected-the-Surge’) — pretty easy to figure out]

Politico:Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio agrees.

“A large portion of those Ron Paul supporters are anti-Bush, anti-war Republicans,” he said. “They’ll wind up back with McCain because, while they may disagree on the war or be mad at Bush, the prospect of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton is more frightening.”

And, as Carney notes, there is no Paul-like third-party candidate around whom they can rally and vent their frustrations.

Nope, not yet…


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  1. There is more than just the Iraq war separating Sen. McCain and Congressman Paul. Perhaps that 16% is also made up of Fair Tax supporters?
    Seeing 16% for Dr. Paul would seem to indicate that I am not the only voter wondering what the heck I am going to do come November. I would hate to abstain again, but I promised myself that I would never again choose the lesser of two evils.

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