so, is she done yet?

here is what I heard this week — Hillary has to win by 20 points to have a shot at the Democratic nomination… and she didn’t even win Pennsylvania by double-digits. so will she call it quits?

this reminds me of a funny show that was played out around my own dinner table, Talking to Canadians: when I said I couldn’t vote for Hillary because I thought she was the spawn of Satan (or something like that), my friend said “well, THAT’s not a very good reason NOT to vote for her.” like somehow, instead of needing a good reason to vote FOR someone, my default choice should have been to vote for her, and only could I diverge if I had a REALLY GOOD REASON.

truth be told, I didn’t need to have a good reason not to vote for Hillary — I am a citizen and my friend is not, yet she still felt the need to correct my vote. that’s the vibe I get from every Hillary supporter — and it’s really annoying. don’t they understand how much people [with half a brain-cell] despise being told what they should think and do? I guess they’re counting on the other half, those with barely a brain-cell, since that’s where they seem to be building their base…



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5 responses to “so, is she done yet?

  1. Bryan

    Hilary’s family, campaign and supporters continue to have this presumptive air of inevitability that is quite distasteful. I think they believe it’s being tenacious or never-say-die in a positive way, but it’s just the opposite. I don’t love the idea of an Obama or McCain presidency either, but I know I don’t wan’t Clinton to win. Pundits continue to say she’s appealing to white men. I find that laughable; she’s not even appealing to the white man she’s married to. Watching her grin through her speech last night was icing on the cake after the Caps heartbreak. Two heaping helpings of crap that I found tough to swallow.

  2. rob

    two words….. Operation Chaos….

    yeah, I’m just a little bit of a ditto-head.

  3. Rob, you may be on to something there. I do recall hearing on NPR that there were high numbers of new Democrat voters this primary. Democrats who used to be Republicans.
    Though, in my own state, the Democrats make registering much easier than the Republicans– Dems allow new voters to actually register AT the caucus; GOP cut registration off two months or so before the caucus date.

  4. killer

    canada cant be this bad…our gov’t is so full of rich assholes with their own agendas it’s sad. i can’t see where either one of these three (rich arrogant pompous self-serving lying) candidates is going to make this country truly better for the people over the next four years.

  5. see killer, you’ve bought into the false premise that the media and politicians have sold everyone: that it is politician’s job/responsibility to make our lives better. whenever I hear Hillary (and Obama, and to a lesser extent, McCain) say we need “solutions” for this, that, and everything, I just cringe.

    their “solutions” are always going to be slanted and ultimately choose favorites — they may sell a solution as ‘for the poor’ or ‘for the children’, but backroom deals will benefit this corporate supporter or that, in order to win support for the politician next election (all the while deriding corporations and their ‘profits’ as evil)… and their solutions almost always result in less freedom for the people — if they’re making the choices for you, clearly you’re less free to live your life as you see fit.

    that’s why the Solution is, as it’s always been, limited government in adherence with the Constitution and the products/services created, delivered, and purchased through our (mostly) free-market system (including charity and not-for-profits, which are a huge industry created and supported by willing participants).

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