sorry Beezer

I think I may have found a new favorite hockey blogger.

She even kind of sounds like she know what she’s talking about. For example, regarding Craig Conroy and Owen Nolan:

Two beauties from what I like to call the “old guy line”. Well not only are they my two favorite old guys, they’ve turned into two of my favorite Flames this season. Yes, Tony Amonte would have been a fantastic third on the old guy line, but even TLC attempted to survive without Left Eye. And so it goes. These two have been HUGE (and kind of underrated) factors in the Flames semi-success this season. Who could forget Owen Nolan’s Hatty-Boom-Batty-Trick during the January 30th game VS San Jose, his first in nine years (O-No also played his 1000th game this season), and my personal favorite hat trick moment of the season. Doin’ it for the old Irish guys, rock it out Owen Nolan. The Flames, in general, rarely disappoint me, but these two fellas really made the season.

Sounds like she has better hockey-sense than I have… “Old Guy Line” — nice. I’ll show you an Old Guy Line. Though I don’t think I’ve ever done a Hatty-Boom-Batty (unless that’s one of those girl drinks your friends buy you long after you’re drunk).

Put A Fork In ‘Er – Regular Season Wrap Part Une. More of her blog here. More pics of her really natural Seattle tan here.


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  1. Bryan

    She is a wee bit sexier than I, and I likely will never drop a TLC reference in a hockey (or any other) post.

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