might as well go for a soda

Police in Wisconsin broke up a kegger last week. A root beer kegger. Wisconsin high school senior Dustin Zebro was irked that some of his friends were kicked off varsity sports teams after school officials spotted Facebook photos of them drinking from red cups. So to show that red plastic ups don’t always mean beer (he’s right, I remember putting mixed drinks in them, too), he threw a root beer kegger in the hopes of triggering more suspensions, then making school officials look silly. Turns out, the cops were called in on the gag, too.

Full story, and here. via reason.

And for those of you less familiar with the lyrical styling of Kim Mitchell, headline reference.


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One response to “might as well go for a soda

  1. rob

    police blotter… dateline March 32nd, 11:62pm… Officer Hanson arrives on scene… leaves his freakin’ toys in squad car… opens suspects door with keys… house keys, car keys, keys to the camper? maybe it was actually a tire chain?
    Officer Folk Hero then proceeds to inform the young punk, what was his name? Jack Robinson maybe, that he doesn’t want “any of that stinkin’ root beer”

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