what would Alex P. Keaton do?

I actually pondered this last week.  I can’t believe that the man who created the Keatons has responded.  But I’m not at all surprised by what he concluded:

I think Ron Paul’s message is one that would resonate with Alex. And he would appreciate Paul’s intellectual power and his willingness to state his positions unequivocally and without regard to which way the political winds were blowing. I think he’d really like Mike Huckabee’s ideas* of getting rid of the IRS. (I know I do.) But ultimately Alex likes to win, and I think that would have kept him from fully committing to either of those guys.

So it turns out I am Alex P. Keaton.  Except for that whole diet-pill episode…

* For the record, I think Ron Paul advocated the dissolution of the IRS long before Huckabee, but whatever.



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3 responses to “what would Alex P. Keaton do?

  1. Ron Paul did advocate dissolution of the IRS before Huckabee. Unfortunately, at the YouTube CNN debate, Ron Paul let Huckabee totally steal his thunder on that issue. What’s funny is that I have heard/read more than a few people refer to the FairTax as a wacky idea from Huckabee. Gotta love knee jerk reactions!

  2. Bryan

    A funny piece and an interesting exercise. Some of the comments that followed illustrated the genuine frustration that exists this election season. Forget Alex for the moment, I can’t figure out what I’m going to do.

  3. I still get hung up on the idea that this great TV writer still thinks in terms of pulling a lever — hasn’t he voted in the past 8 years? Hasn’t he seen these electronic voting machines? Seriously, if there IS a lever, it’s there only for symbolic value, like the levers on slot machines in Vegas…

    As for Alex’s dilemma, I think one of the commenter’s nailed it: he’d pull the lever for himself — that guy was destined for politics. The idea that Fox’s Spin City character left the city to work for Senator Alex P. Keaton is classic.

    Lever? Vegas? maybe that’s the bigger truth behind this election — we don’t know what we’re going to get, and we’re just hoping to get lucky.

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