America: less racist than misogynist, less misogynist than age-discriminating


reason contributor and Denver Post columnist David Harsanyi looks at the polling data and finds that 5 percent of voters say they won’t cast a ballot for an African American, 11 percent won’t vote for a woman—and a whopping 42 percent won’t vote for a 72-year-old (regardless of race or gender, I’m guessing that elderly Oscar nominee Ruby Dee shouldn’t be pondering a White House run anytime soon).

yeah, and count me in the latter category — I’m not saying “don’t trust anyone over 30”, but why would you put the country’s future in the hands of someone who only has a few good years left? maybe every President should be between 35 (the Constitutional minimum) and 45 years old — at least they’d have incentive not to screw things up, since they have another 35 to 45 years to live with the consequences…

via Reason: No Country For Grouchy Old Men?

[somewhat unrelated — don’t Canadian politicians seem to be younger than Americans? or am I mistaken?]


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One response to “America: less racist than misogynist, less misogynist than age-discriminating

  1. Rob


    The top three strike me as somewhat a political Three Stooges… only without the slapstick and endearing qualities that made you love them even though they were incompetent…

    Mr. Obama- A savy wordsmith indeed, but does he have any idea how to translate clever ideas and snappy rhetoric into tangible action?
    and for some reason, his cockiness just reminds me of guys who roll back speedometers and sell old cars as low mileage cream puffs. No Thanks.

    Ms. Clinton- 30+ years of (ahem) experience, well that is debatable, how many full terms has she herself (or for that matter Obama) actually served, at the national level… seems to me both, and in the interest of fairness McCain as well, have spent more time campaigning, than actually serving their current constituents.

    Mr. McCain- decorated military man, multiple terms at the national level, and age doesn’t scare me at all… I guess that I’m getting old, but I remember learning that age often, but not always, equates to wisdom and experience… my issue with McCain is that he is too populist for me, he is trying to appeal to both sides of the isle too much, to the point where he doesn’t seem to stand for anything.

    Rev. Huckabee, Mr. Paul, Mr. Nader- well, the media won’t let either one gain any ground, even if they had a snowballs chance…

    Unless things change drastically, there might just be another write in vote for Dennis Hailey…

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