Mr. Ortiz said the family’s ordeal began Oct. 19, when his son picked up a bottle of hand sanitizer from the desk of his fifth-period reading teacher at Killian Middle School in Lewisville. He rubbed the gel on his hands and smelled it.

In the view of school officials, the boy “inhaled heavily,” according to Mr. Ortiz, who said his son sniffed the cleanser “because it smelled good.”

The youth was sent to the principal’s office, and the Lewisville police officer assigned to the school began investigating.  […]

The teen was required to serve a brief in-school suspension and was also fingerprinted and photographed at the Lewisville Police Department. He returned to regular classes at the school, including one with the teacher whose sanitizer he sniffed.

Mr. Ortiz said he believed the matter was over until Tuesday when he was served with a petition charging his son with delinquency for inhaling the hand sanitizer to “induce a condition of intoxication, hallucination and elation.”

Killer, oh Killer — on which side of this cookie will you crumble?  I have to assume that since this happened at a school, the kid is automatically guilty…

[full story]  [full disclosure: I also “inhale heavily”; in this context anyhow… title lifted from source]



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3 responses to “insanitized

  1. Bryan

    Well, I guess my elementary school classmates and I should expect a knock on the door from Johnny Law for those prior mimiograph ink sniffing violations.

  2. killer

    wow…and all the paste i ate must surely have been hallucinogenic.

    seriously chris you know i feel this kind of crap is over the top zero tolerance BS.

    and i just had a kid get in his 4th fight this year and not even get sent home…beating kids up is ok, huffing hand sanitizer is a federal crime…god help us

  3. Rob

    B, I think we are safe, although we could probably initiate some sort of class action… as I recall, most of my teachers, upon passing out the ‘dittos’ actually encouraged us to “go ahead, sniff”…

    …if only the ACLU were there at the time to say… “You betta don’t!”

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