he doesn’t answer to the state

“I don’t answer to the state”:

he also doesn’t come across as a fun guy; I almost felt bad for the woman who was questioning him, until I remembered that she was trying to deprive him of his basic rights to free speech/press under the guise of a “Human Rights Commission”.

from his blog:

If you don’t pay attention, you might not even realize that freedoms are being eroded. I had half-expected a combative, missionary-style interrogator. I found, instead, a limp clerk who was just punching the clock. She had done it dozens of times before, and will do it dozens of times again. In a way, that’s more terrifying.


[updated YouTube link; but the other one was funny too.]
[updated:  I also forgot to mention it initially, but this is happening in Alberta (Canada)]



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2 responses to “he doesn’t answer to the state

  1. killer

    pretty scary stuff….big brother is watching your blog now…your intentions are impure!!

    seriously..they are political cartoons. screw muslims that can’t handle the truth that radical muslims are causing a LOT of problems.

    i wonder what hillary thinks of this?

  2. LOL – Ezra shows up on TVOntario’s Agenda from time to time. Pounds the Thoreau drum pretty loud – makes for good television!
    Didn’t know he was getting strung up, though… kinda silly, as he points out.

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