Tim Russert p0wn3d

I basically fell asleep every time Hillary spoke, but when she started yelling at Tim Russert I sat up and took notice. She bowled over his question and refused to let him finish, and then sat there with this self-satisfied look that made my stomach turn. I wish I could screen-capture my TV to show you; (can Tivo do that?)

Tim, who usually holds his own against whoever is on the other side of his table*, looked like he was cowering as he read his follow up questions.

It wasn’t becoming. “I’m smarter than you Tim Russert. I can talk circles around you. You can’t even begin to know what I’m capable of. I will eat you alive, but first I will feed your children to you, and you’ll enjoy it.” OK, that was creepy. But I swear, that’s what the look on her face is saying right now (yes, I’ve had the Tivo on pause while I’ve been composing this. Seemed like the thing to do, since after she is elected she will become the face of Big Brother, and we’ll all have her watching over us, all the time.)

Name Your Fear? I fear Hillary Clinton.

* he holds his own when he wants to; but I’ll admit that he panders and throws big old softball questions to just as many (and I hate that).

[definition of p0wn3d]


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