so, does Ovechkin own the Capitals now?


I’d be surprised if the franchise is worth the $124M contract they offered him.

Maybe now he can afford to get his teeth fixed.

Seriously, what city will the Capitals be playing in at the end of his 13 year contract?  Log your guess in the comments.



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4 responses to “so, does Ovechkin own the Capitals now?

  1. His nose could use some work too!

  2. Bryan

    I’m happy to see him locked up long term. He’ll still only be 35 when this contract runs out. As for the state of the Caps 13 years hence-the optomist in me says they can win at least one Cup in that time. The Caps fan in me says he’ll demand a trade after 4 or 5 consecutive playoff losses to Cindy and the Pens. And nevermind where the Caps will be, What kind of condition will the league be in 13 years from now?
    P.S. – Bravo to Ovechkin for getting all those bucks without losing a 6-10% agent fee.

  3. I heard his mom helped him negotiate; she should get 10%. Did I mention that I sat beside her for part of a game last year? She was very anxious each time he went into the boards (heck, each time he touched the puck), and now I think I know why. I was going to try to get her number for Killer, but she didn’t come back after intermission.

  4. killer

    i agree with beezer…i think they’ll end up trading him because he will become unhappy at some point. i can only hope this is not the case though. they are certainly getting close to becoming a playoff caliber team and based on their youth, things are certainly looking up.
    does he deserve that kind of money? no, but leonsis showed a huge commitment to this organIzation with this deal.

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