35 years of change…

OK, this is a bit of a tangent, but when I hear Hillary talk about change, I think about Dennis Hopper.  Dennis Hopper — who started out in Rebel Without a Cause, Easy Rider, Apocalypse Now, was dubbed New Hollywood’s first “drug burnout”, who probably coined the phrase “don’t trust anyone over 30” — now pushes mutual funds for those wild-eyed, idealist… Wall-Streeters(?)  His commercials for Ameriprise Financial pretty much concede on behalf of his whole generation, “yup, we sold out” (or grew up, not that I blame them).

Didn’t anyone tell Hillary that her generation already had their stab at fixing America from the comforts of the White House?  It was almost a generation ago, 16 years, that the Clintons were elected the first time.  I can’t imagine anyone is stirred by “change” pitched by idealistic boomers anymore; that she doesn’t understand why people don’t see her as the Change candidate just shows how far out of touch she is.

While Obama may technically be a boomer, he’s 14 years younger — a young father, not an AARP card-carrying near-grandparent.  If you asked her in 1991 if a 60 year-old U.S. Senator, who spent 8 years in the White House as a special advsior (her experience argument, not mine), would represent “change” in Washington, what do you think she’d say?

[not that I buy Obama’s vision of change either.]

[omg, she just said she “found her own voice” in New Hampshire — like she didn’t know who she was until this week.  and she’s cracking her voice again.  I think I’m going to cry.  ugh.]

[35 years of change in photos]



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7 responses to “35 years of change…

  1. killer

    she cracks her voice and drops a tear or two and all of a sudden EVERY woman in america will vote for her.

    look back at fears post….our new president will be a worthless piece of shit…..

  2. Bryan

    That “victory” speech last night was awful. I couldn’t believe the praise she received for it. It was sort of a Mad Libs- insert canned platitude here. While I think her emotion Saturday(?) was genuine, I find her incredibly fake most of the time. And she was quick to capitalize on the sympathy she garnered with her mini breakdown. At least Obama can stir a crowd with remarks that are dramatic and reflect a little optimism, though I would like to see a lot more substance to go with his style. He needs to be real careful evoking JFK and MLK when he really doesn’t have any real accomplishments on his resume.
    The sad truth is that I can’t envision any of these candidates in either race as the President.

  3. EVERY woman minus one. I won’t vote for her- she doesn’t support the Fair Tax.
    Killer, look at it this way: regardless of how great or how awful our president is, this country will survive. We have survived civil wars, scandals, world wars, and great tragedy. One president alone won’t make a real difference either way.
    The differences are made each and every day by men and women just like us: men and women who see problems as challenges to be tackled; men and women who would rather lend a hand than wait for the government to “take care of it” and who, with every waking moment, strive to effect a change; men and women who understand that each of us has a personal responsibility, and that when all is said and done, we are each accountable for our own actions. Those men and women don’t necessarily run for high public office. They teach, they mentor, they parent. Those men and women invest in their neighborhoods, their families, and their world.
    Oops. Sorry for the hijack.

  4. Killer ~ EVERY woman in America will vote for her?? Where do you get off saying what woman would do?? Are you a woman? Your statement is way off, and very degrading to women.
    Do you not like that women have brains? Hell, you couldn’t even believe that a woman (me) won the football pool. Let alone that another woman ( and a third grader ) came in 2nd , and another woman came in third. It’s very degrading to hear comments like that.

  5. Karen

    Bryan–you don’t think she turned that emontion on, big time? I think she let a little emotion creep in AT FIRST, saw what a hit it was with the ladies, and then laid it on THICK. Completely disingenuous. Ugh. Count me as yet another woman who could never bring herself to vote for her. Hey, we women are 0 for 3 for voting for her, just in the comments for this post!

  6. Kelly — sounds like a stump speech of your own. And reminds me of a quote, not sure of the source, that says something about anyone with sufficient ambition for the highest office in the land is not well suited for it. That’s actually the thing that draws me most to Ron Paul — he doesn’t want it desperately, he’s admitted that he’s running because he was pushed by supporters, and if he got there he’s unlikely to abuse the office. (You know the first time I typed that sentence I typed: “when he gets there” — that was weird. It is an impossibility.)

    Hillary, on the other hand, thinks she deserves the Presidency — you could hear the urgency in her other appearances prior to New Hampshire; then there’s Huckabee who thinks God wants him there (and only the Lord knows what he thinks God will want him to do with that power).

    [Bryan:] Another reason Obama also might want to tone down on invoking JFK/MLK — they both ended up assassinated. As somebody at the office reminded me today, there are still a lot of racist wackjobs in this country.

  7. Bryan

    Amanda and I discussed the assassination thing too. There are definitely plenty of people who wouldn’t want a black president.
    As far as Ron Paul goes, I read about him a little online and was intrigued. Then I saw him on “Meet the Press”. He seemed unprepared, scatterbrained and unwilling/unable to articulate many of his positions. I know Tim Russert does his best to play “gotcha” and trip up guests, but I thought Paul’s appearance was very disappointing.

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