On Meet the Press the other day, regarding potential surprises about his character and history:

There are no surprises, in part because the Clinton campaign has done a thorough research job on us. If there was anything out there, I promise you, they would have found it by now. I have been written about, I have been scrubbed, I have been vetted over the last year. I’m sure if you talk to my wife she could point out a few more flaws in my character…

Dude, what? I know he was probably just trying to sound like everyman, and “the wife” well, you know, they have their opinions… but he didn’t say that she differed with him on opinions, he said that she knows of character flaws that the Clinton’s haven’t uncovered. Am I the only one who’s suddenly interested? I mean, this could be deep stuff.

Then today in Iowa (paraphrasing from rally on CNN):

My wife is smarter than me, better looking than me, a better speaker than me — but she puts up with me! She stands behind me; thank you– and everbody please give it up for the next First Lady of the United States!

I’m starting to think that their marriage is a sham — she puts up with him, she has dirt on him, she’s smarter than him… it’s starting to sound like Bill and Hillary all over again.

[later, from Joe Biden: “I know a little about foreign policy, I know a little about the Constitution…” — again, I understand that he’s trying to be down-homesy and humble, but as a Senator it’s your job to know A LOT ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION.  “Support and defend” are words that come to mind, not to mention that it should define the scope of everything you do as a Senator.  Ugh.

Just another 11 months of campaigning?  Fantastic.]



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3 responses to “Obama

  1. I hope Michelle’s grammar is better than that of her husband!

  2. killer

    or maybe just maybe his “character flaws” include farting too much or leaving the toilet seat up? however it would be interesting to hear what she would say his flaws are…

  3. Farting and toilet seat leaving-up (please pardon the sketchy grammar) are hardly what I would call “character flaws,” though.
    I imagine this was an ill-founded attempt at humor. I suppose I would just prefer that my president love, honor, and cherish his spouse, rather than use her as his straight man.

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