New Year, New Fears

Several months ago, I asked the question that named this blog — to Name Your Fear.  The answers in the comments were not entirely surprising:

  • failure
  • marsupials
  • our future
  • preparing our children for their future
  • “my mom” (not mine, for the record)

With the new year, and maybe a few new readers, I pose the question again — what do you fear?

And maybe a follow-up:  Any fears assuaged in 2007? 



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4 responses to “New Year, New Fears

  1. killer

    i fear that our next president will ruin this great country

    i also fear that in the very near future that unless you are a millionaire you will not be able to afford to live in this country

  2. Complacency, in general! But especially among American voters at another important moment in history.

  3. Helplessness…. when you can’t do anything to help those you love. It’s a horrible feeling!

  4. Angela is right! I am not generally fearful, but helplessness is a tough one to conquer. More specifically, I fear surrender– shame on me for that, though.
    My fear of change, however, has been assuaged. (That is a magnificent word, BTW)

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