simple joys of Christmas

December 18th.  I call my sister to confirm some Christmas plans and ask what my nephews might want under the tree.  “Wait a sec, I’ll put him on…”

“I want two boxes of cereal.”

I hardly had a chance to ask him what he meant, and he put his mom back on the phone.  Was he serious?  Yes, she said, he keeps saying that he wants two boxes of cereal for Christmas.  Well alright then.

Later that evening I determined that I really was going to buy him cereal for Christmas.  Either I’d be the best uncle EVER, or he would learn a hard lesson and I’d end up being referred to as “crazy old uncle Cheese, the guy who wraps up kitchen perishables for his nephews.”  (Beats “Mean Old Uncle Chris”, I suppose.)

A few days later I called my sister to confirm — was it a specific type of cereal, or would any do?  It turns out he really wanted the toy inside Fruit Loops (an “XBox mini-game”), but I still had to laugh.  And while I didn’t get any pictures of him when he was really excited, this was him when he had calmed down:

Fruit Loops x2

Merry Christmas!



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5 responses to “simple joys of Christmas

  1. Awesome! That’s what Christmas should be about. Glad you could make your nephew happy!

  2. killer

    way to go uncle cheese!!

  3. He will remember this. My PopPop once ate corn flakes every day for about three months to save enough proofs of purchase to get me something. I don’t remember what the prize was, but for 25 years I have carried the awe that my grandfather ate cold cereal for months just to get that prize for me.

  4. Dude, that’s a ‘Good Christmas’ Smile! Go Uncle Cheese!!!!!!

  5. your sister

    Honestly, though, I wish we had the video camera going for the whole thing – his reaction was absolutely amazing!

    (Sorry I’m posting to this so late – I haven’t been blog reading in a while!)

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