liberties lost

Radley Balko serves up his annual list of predictions . Please go read them now.

Go… Scoot. I’ll wait…

OK, if you read it and didn’t get it, the list was actual liberties lost and/or ignored during the past year (as evidenced by the hyperlinks in each). One can only imagine what 2008 will really bring.

[update: fixed the link above to “predictions”; it previously pointed to Will Smith: Nazi Sympathizer — just kidding, I read that story with fascination/frustration because I said the same thing a few months back, and nobody understood what I meant either.]



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4 responses to “liberties lost

  1. fyi… that links to Will Smith’s lambasting of the tabloids.

  2. I think Will’s comment highlights the pitfalls of moral relativism. Twisted logic, good intentions or not– some things are simply wrong. The fact that anyone with an IQ in triple digits could “misinterpret” his statement is disturbing. Then again, this is a tabloid reporter, is it not?

  3. I think you’re correct, but reading the original article it doesn’t even seem like he was commenting on moral relativism… he was basically saying that everyone sees situations and events through their own lenses/filters.

    OK, I guess at the extremes that becomes moral relativism, but more often it’s like his example of someone being mad about you driving slow in the fast lane — maybe they’re late for their daughters birthday and feel they have a reason to be upset, even if it doesn’t seem like a good reason to you (and you think they’re being unsafe).

    He just made the mistake of mentioning Hitler and making him seem like a flawed human being instead of a monster; a mistake that should have been covered in PR-101… I’m almost more about his follow-up statement, where he seems to exaggerate his hatred for Hitler just to make a point. OK, we get it, we all disapprove of Hitler, I don’t think this is going to cut into the gross for Legend, move on…

  4. killer

    pretty soon it’ll be illegal to uncover stuff like this….then i’ll move to sweden

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