Happy Holidays

… from the Westboro Baptist Church:

— words escape me. I almost thought that this was a parody; in which case it would be brilliant.



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10 responses to “Happy Holidays

  1. Didn’t watch. I just don’t give them energy… why do you?

  2. I guess I started listening and detected the tune of “We Are The World” — that made me want to hear more.

    I’m going to go with the “watching a car-wreck” defense — I just couldn’t resist.

  3. I’ll totally buy the “car wreck” defense…
    I think what bothers me is that the same people (and I do NOT mean you) who will rant and rave about painting all of Islam with the same brush (that of fanaticism and terrorism) will go ballistic about this nut. The only difference? The actions of “the faithful” followers.
    I grew up in the deep South, near towns which still had to deal with Klan rallies. Extremist jerks irritate me, but I just refuse to give them my time.

  4. Bryan

    What saddens me the most is all the young people involved with their group. Whether this video or their protests, the number of young people is astounding. Are they brainwashed sheep or a committed new generation of intolerant fools?

  5. Actually, Bryan, they are mostly family members. Westboro Baptist church’s roll is almost entirely comprised of Fred Phelps’s family.

  6. killer

    was that wolske in the background waving the canadian flag upside down?!!!!

    these people are retarded. if they truly followed the bible they’d be in hell too…

  7. killer

    the hate filled messages they spew are so anti christian it blows my mind….something about loving your neighbor…do unto others…help those that need it….and so on…they are too proud of themselves…big sin there….

  8. your sister

    I have to agree with you – words escape me. I can’t think of any other way to put it at this point.

  9. I saw the Canadian flag too — not sure what to make of that. Perhaps it’s an obscure reference to the 1992 World Series?

    KJ thinks this might not actually be Westboro’s production; but there is nothing definitive. All I know, is I’m pretty sure I won’t “eat my children”… though I am hungry for lunch. Perhaps a sandwich.

  10. It is a WBC video. I checked their website, and the video is there. I am sure the ADL has logged my IP address.
    As for the Canadian flag, they hate our northern neighbors as much as, if not more than, they hate the US.

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