the kids are alright, for now, but will probably end up dealing drugs…

An even better example, written up in the Boulder Weekly (tip to Reason):

Richard’s son, Sean, found a great bargain on AirHeads (a taffy-like candy), at Costco.

“I offered to help him buy the product, if he would pay me back,” Richard said. “We sat down and did the math. He was getting 90 in a box that cost about $12 dollars. Based on what he was able to sell an AirHead for, he was getting a 900 percent profit — almost a tenfold markup. That seemed like a pretty good enterprise. He was clearing at least $150 a week in profit.”

Sean treated his mother to dinner and a movie [and] bought an iPod. He bought a fancy gaming keyboard with multiple interchangeable sets of keys, new shoes, a sweatshirt and a hoodie.

“In a devious sort of way, I was proud of him,” Richard said. “One the other hand, we had this sense that something was wrong with this picture. We kind of knew that the school didn’t want him doing this. We also worried that it would all become a bit too enticing. And then, when the customers are too old to want candy, what’s he going to sell? Drugs. That was our concern. We worried that he would be unable to resist the money, and would sell whatever the customer wanted.

I was saddened that the father made this connection — or as Reason put it:

Candy didn’t use to be a gateway drug. Now it is. Thanks, school board!

I dealt Coke (Classic, sometimes Diet) at summer camp; as a camp counselor I’d have cases under my bunk and under-cut the “Tuck shop” by a dime or a quarter. Counselors would get a day off each week that we could run into town and I could restock — the poor campers were stuck there for two weeks straight.

For the record, I never made anywhere near 900% profit.  I like to think my campers liked me, but I have no doubt they would have ratted me out to the camp management if I tried to squeeze them.

What is AirHeads secret ingredient that makes kids NEED to have it?  Crack?



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6 responses to “the kids are alright, for now, but will probably end up dealing drugs…

  1. killer

    i’d comment but i don’t read or listen so

  2. killer

    i didnt comment about your post…so no i didn’t…chaching

  3. My husband sold candy, but never drugs. He did buy beer and smokes for a small fee, though…

    I may be in for a world of hurt for even hinting at such activity on his part. If I disappear, have them check Lake Mead.

  4. Yeah, I sold candy at school, it’s amazing that even when kids know they can get their pwn bag for $1.50 they are still willing to pay $.25 for a single piece… Schools don’t want you to eat candy, but they also don’t want you to learn anything (or at least the fact that people graduated with me who I know had a very hard time with basic concepts like reading…) so screw them, if they aren’t good enough to catch someone, then it’s on them. I never sold drugs, in fact I didn’t even keep selling candy into my senior year, don’t even know why I stopped, maybe it was just too much of a hassle when you are out of something and still get bugged by kids, either way, I say go for it until you get caught……

  5. Whatever is the the Airheads must be the same thing that is put in Golden Spoon yogurt!

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