my treo is my hot hot sex

This stupid song has been stuck in my head since that iPod Touch commercial came out. No, it didn’t prompt me to go out and buy one, I still like my Treo (yes, it plays MP3s).Cansei de Ser Sexy (literally “tired of being sexy” in Portuguese; better known as CSS) may not have a mastery of English — but it’s pure pop candy. Candy I’d resell for 900% markup. The name of the song is “Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex” which is just so, so true no matter what language you translate it to.


  • Microsoft used this same some for their Zune mp3 player a year ago [link].
  • You can’t accuse Apple of copying MSFT since the ad was created by 18-year-old British student, Nick Haley; he created the ad for fun and posted it on YouTube… Apple contacted him when they saw it and had him remake it professionally.  But it still reminds me of their ad that ripped off The Postal Service.
  • You can blame Apple for copying the modern user interface from Xerox.  I’m still not letting them off the hook for that either.




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4 responses to “my treo is my hot hot sex

  1. your sister

    I need you to blog again so that the hot, hot sex title isn’t the first thing I see when I check your site – it keeps putting that song in my head and I can’t stand that.

    “music is my girlfriend, music is my boyfriend….”

  2. other things music is:
    – her daddy
    – her brother
    – her sister
    – her great grandaughter
    – her best friend
    – her favorite mistress
    – her beach house
    – her hometown
    – her king-size bed
    – her hot hot bed (followed by hot hot sex)
    – her backrub
    – where she’d like you to touch

    “from all the ladies, they want to kiss this music”
    … indeed.

    instruments seen in the video but not audible in the song:
    – harmonica
    – old-school Casio keyboard
    – a trio of electric guitars (I know, there’s riffs in the song, but not three guitars worth)

    I’m pretty sure anyone could be a pop star in Brazil.

  3. your sister

    Maybe I should move to Brazil. I’m sure I could write a song as good as that one…I’ll start working on that…

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