the Thermals?

anybody else heard of this band?

I only heard them thru Weeds, which used them for their epilogue earlier this year. only sucks that I’m at least a year behind the cool kids. the whole CD only uses three chords, but that fits the program…

I thought they might be this year’s White Stripes, but maybe not.



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2 responses to “the Thermals?

  1. Rob

    I picked on them about a year or so ago. I think the tracks I heard were “Back to the Sea” and “Here’s Your Future” off of their most recent album “The Body, TheBlood, The Machine.” Brendan Canty, the drummer of Fugazi, is the producer. I pretty much liked them off the bat. I later caught “Pillar of Salt” on a late night video show, but still haven’t heard anything off their other two albums.
    As for being the next White Stripes, I don’t see it happening. They’re catchy indie/punk that I don’t think is going to warm to everyone. Besides, I’m pretty sure they subscribe to the whole DYI type ethic. I think they’d stay indie for indies sake. I also believe that they turned down several offers to have their music in several TV ads and maybe more, but I don’t know, I don’t know them that well.
    When I get back into buying more music, hopefully in the near future, they are a band that I’d like to check out more of.

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