the kids are all-right

so my Wife relays to me the following story (November 1st or 2nd):

You know how when you pull into our cul-du-sac you turn head-on to number [xx]?  Well I turn the corner today, and there are the neighborhood kids with a sign in the driveway: “Candy 25 cents”.  I stopped beside the driveway and asked them if they were really selling Hollowe’en candy, and they said yes, but “only the candy they didn’t like”.  “THEY’RE TRYING TO SELL OUR OWN CANDY BACK TO US!!!!”

I’m glad the Wifey relayed the story to me over the phone, cuz I’m sure it took the sting off the laugh I gave when she was done.  What did she expect?  I was proud of these kids, trying to turn their Hallowe’en booty into cold-hard cash.  I mean really, from an economic point of view, if people are willing to give you something for nothing (or virtually nothing, since costumes seem to be optional nowadays), why not try to sell the proceeds for a profit?

obviously, she didn’t buy anything.  and given that we had about 125,000 calories worth of left-over candy at our house, I didn’t object.   but come on — these kids had the right idea*

* the other thing the Wife was upset at was the idea that the kids were selling back candy “they didn’t want”.  Butterfingers, I believe, were the main thing they were pushing.  They were not trying to return the KitKats or Peanut Butter Cups that we liked, or she might have bought them back.  Again, I saw this as an example of the free-market at work…



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7 responses to “the kids are all-right

  1. killer

    smart kids…even though they are probably all spoiled brats whose parents buy them whatever they want, they are selling candy to morons that will buy it to make more money that they don’t need…i would have walked over and just taken the candy from them!! and then torn it all up and thrown it in the garbage!!

  2. Wow, somebody needs to take his meds and stop reading Marx.

  3. Too funny. I wonder, though, how well they did- given the market saturation this time of year.

  4. They did poorly. I don’t think they sold anything. Their choice of location (our street, which is a cul-du-sac and doesn’t get any through traffic) was tragically bad. If I had encountered them instead of my wife, I probably would have tried to convince them to move 75 feet to the corner near the park.

    I assume Rich is responding to killer, in which case you should save your breath — he doesn’t read, and he doesn’t listen.

  5. killer

    wow low blow wolske……that hurt

  6. yeah, you’re right — that was uncalled for. sorry.

    I think what I meant to say was: “he’s self-medicated and almost certainly not into Marx.”

  7. So wait, they were trying to sell Butterfingers? and You didn’t ask the wife to get you any??
    I used to make $$ in high school by buying a big old bag of candy for $1 and change and selling the peices for 25 cents, you see, kids will do most anything to have a little treat to take the sting out of a boring school day…. I don’t see why these kids didn’t think of that, surely their classmates will run out of treats (or forget to bring them in their lunch bags) and will be jonesing for some more sugar-rush enducing candy…… then the dollar signs roll in!!

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