what do you think? Ambulance at Wendy’s

so, I’m walking into Wendy’s the other day, and these guys are getting out of their ambulace [sic], leaving it running.  I figured they were going to grab a burger (maybe a salad?) and run, but they sat and ate their meal as I left.  Walking past the ambulace [sic], I took some pics on my mobile phone thinking their dispatch might agree with me that this was a waste…  I emailed the station, asking if it was standard procedure to waste gas (fuel) like that, and got this response:

Thank you for bringing this to light.As trained hazmat responders we do care about the enviroment. A few things to talk about. First: the fuel consumption is diesel not gas. Diesel as you know has  a low sulphur emission and better rate of consumption for the size engine involved. This means that any carbon will stay low to the ground.Just like “18 wheelers do at a rest areas” ,keeping there motors running to keep possibly the food you receive cold,before and durring its trip to your favorite grocery store.

Second: again these type of vehicles (diesel) are cheaper by amount of consumption to keep the vehicle running at propper temp. This, infact, will burn less fuel and also, less carbon that you receive and see and choke on upon start up and shut down vs at a constant rate..

Third:  an ambulace is the type of vehicle that has a lot of emergency equipment that receives a charge. This, infact, will put a large strain on the vehicles battery system. In order to keep this equipment charged for use, the engine needs to be running at the propper speed to keep the charge up on this emergncy equipment. Sometimes we can plug these vehicles in to a land line and shut the vehicle off. However, there is no land line available at your local fast food place.Are policies incourage the vehicle to be shut down with the propper facilities present.This is the prefered method. Again the mind set of patient care and safety comes first.

With this being said I’m sure you can agree that a person’s life is more important then any of the above mentioned problems.in the time limit to stop and eat at a fast food restaurant.,this all being derived from an operational risk management assessment. Hopefully, when and if you ever need an emergency service, I hope you never do, that all the equipment is in working order,to include the vehicle being able to start, thanks to a crew making sure that their equipment is charged up by keeping the vehicle at the propper engine speed tus keeping the batteries in good working order.

If there are any other questions or training they can be forwarded to myself at the above email.Thank you for your attention to detail.

Again thanks for your attention to detail,

Anybody want to guess how I interpreted this responce [sic]?  For the record, I had considered the power generation requirements of onboard equipment while I was at pondering all this at Wendy’s, but if that’s the case I’d assert that standard procedure should be to only stop at locations with appropriate power facilities (even if that’s only the station house).  I didn’t even tell you what these EMT’s ordered (the next heart attack may be their own…)



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7 responses to “what do you think? Ambulance at Wendy’s

  1. Oh. My. Gosh.
    I would say that point three is pretty valid. I would also send copies of your correspondence to the local fish wrapper.
    File under: homeschool benefits

  2. sorry, the money quote for me was “Are policies incourage…” — wowzas!

    I don’t want to taint the discussion, so I’ll read up on point three and think about posting tomorrow…

  3. Kelly W

    If it weren’t for the confidentiality agreement, I would post the memo which found its way to my desk today. Supposedly from our CEO, and while I am sure he didn’t write it, he did sign the disgraceful mess.

  4. killer

    that was a grammatical/spelling nightmare. i vomited after reading it.

    whiel there poynts wer vallid, thay cant right werth uh schitt

  5. We leave our trucks running when we are loading gear in/out of them, for a lot of shows we will need to drop of some gear here and some there, so we just take what we need and then move to the next spot on/around the stage…. but I would shut them off at a burger joint…. I also don’t haul medical gear, and none of our audio gear needs to stay plugged in (it’s all in road cases)….

    nice response they gave you…

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