funniest thing on television?

I know this is a stretch, and I love NBC’s Thursday night above all other television, but pound-for-pound I think this guy is the funniest thing on TV right now:

don’t ask me why, but I’ve watched “How I Met Your Mother” since it started — I really like the premise, it has such promise, but always leaves me feeling like it’s so, so… hokey — still I can’t stop watching.  anyhow, this season, Big Bang Theory followed it, and while it’s true that I mostly tuned in hoping they’d keep catching the blonde getting out of the shower (or something else out of Meatballs playbook), this guy is hysterical.  he’s a stereotypical GEEK, no doubt, but somehow keeps it from being a complete caricature — maybe there is just enough realism when he goes off on a tangent that it makes it clear the writers aren’t copping-out.

anyhow, good stuff.  you might hate me if you start watching it, but I don’t care.



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2 responses to “funniest thing on television?

  1. Bryan

    I haven’t seen it (I work most Monday nights), but a buddy at work loves it also. Maybe I’ll start taping it to give it a look.

  2. go to the networks website, they all have the full episodes. I work nights at a show, so I have to catch up and I watch Chuck, Bionic, NCIS, The Unit, Big Bang…et al on the networks websites….

    K and I did a preview/give us your opinion (there are several places in town that will pay you to come in and watch a new show and tell the networks what you think of it…) on this new show with the pilot of big bang theory about 6 months ago, and while I only thought it was ‘OK’ I can’t stop watching it either…

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