my short-term solution to the Iran problem (avoids World War III)

here is my very limited understanding of the current situation:

  • Iran wants nuclear-generated electricity so they can continue to sell their oil on the open market
  • the US doesn’t want them to get smart/capable on nuclear because Iran could apply that knowledge to nuclear weapons
  • Iran has claimed their desire to wipe Israel off the map; so we don’t want them to have nukes

how about this:  here’s a list of nuclear generating companies in the US.  why don’t we let Iran pick a name from the list, and have them build and run the nuclear plant in Iran; with very little transfer of knowledge, you avoid the weaponization issue.  if they don’t want a US company, I know there are plenty of European countries/companies with a long record of nuclear power.

better yet, the US can help broker this deal:  find out what Iran is realistically willing to pay to continue their nuclear program, get legitimate power companies to bid on a contract to deliver — it might even be in our interest to  pay the difference between what Iran can afford and what it might cost, as it would surely be less costly than launching a military campaign against Iran…

in my mind, keeping proven technology and techniques away from them and forcing them to develop their own nuclear systems is the worst idea — no offense to their engineers, but they’re much more likely to fire up another Chernobyl than replicate GE Power Systems division.  this policy would have a secondary effect of retarding their science programs, which I’m not in favor of — I think dissemination of knowledge is one of the most important things we can champion as a free society — but in this case I think it can be justified.

if Iran really is working towards nuclear weapons, their rejection of a fair proposal would confirm this assumption.  what we do then, I’m not sure, but maybe we would have bought some time and instead of looking like war-mongerers on the worlds stage we would be able to honestly say we tried to broker a safe and fair solution.



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3 responses to “my short-term solution to the Iran problem (avoids World War III)

  1. I don’t know if it actually would retard their science programs, though. At least no more than their entire system already retards science, literature, and so on.

    The only snag I could see is personnel. It is difficult, if not impossible, to ensure the safety of foreign nationals in Iran, is it not?

  2. killer

    why does war exist? why can’t we all just get along? why does it always have to be death and destruction?

    this world is so effed up….

  3. Bryan

    Broker a peaceful solution? Explore options beyond military incursion? Why, that’s crazy talk.

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