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I love it when I stumble on a post like this — whenever I’m feeling like I’m coloring a little bit outside the lines (so to speak), I find someone who puts things in perspective:

Are you curious about why those new towers are going up in all populated areas? We’ve gathered a lot of information to indicate that the arrays are intended for mind control purposes. My wife and I found a way to neutralize them with a simple device called a Holy Handgrenade and have been doing so in recent months in various locations around the country. We place them in an inconspicuous location within effective range of the tower. We often bury them, base down with the pointed end up, to maximize its concealment. If you read the `chembuster‘ story, it includes instructions to build the Holy Handgrenades orHHg.” I borrowed that term from the movie, Monty Python’s Holy Grail, but I’m dead serious about this work.

Turns out the ‘cell towers’ are the work of “the negative Reptillians (see David Icke’s The Biggest Secret), […] the hidden controllers behind the Illuminated humans pushing for the New World Order enslavement/genocide agenda.”

And here I was, afraid of Verizon Wireless…


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