most libertarian sport?

from a thread on reason’s Hit and Run, initially about Michael Vick, but “Matt J” answered the question:

interesting question. What is the most libertarian sport?

Hockey maybe? Most of the rules are predicated on protecting the individual, it’s largely self policed and it’s seen as a fringe sport only a few die-hard nuts care about.

sure, I’d buy that.

[update] I just realized another way their similar — American’s could care less.  Neither the NHL nor Libertarians get any exposure on TV, and both are ridiculed as being 3rd or 4th tier in their respective fields (professional sports and political parties, respectively).

On the flip side, hockey fans and libertarians tend to be die-hard, unaware or unfazed by the fact that they’re pulling for an underdog and the dull majority will just keep pulling the lever for the NFL/NBA…  Republicans/Democrats.  All they have to comfort them is the delusion of moral superiority.  Yes, hockey fans feel moral superiority, believe it or not.  It is, after all, the fastest game on ice.  Libertarianism?  Not so much, but for whatever reason the smugness remains.


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