wow, I just inched closer to voting for Hillary*

if this exchange is to be believed:

The day before, by contrast, Hillary Clinton had this exchange with medical marijuana activist Len Epstein in Manchester:

Epstein: Twelve states allow medical marijuana, but the Bush administration continues to raid patient.

Clinton: Yes, I know. It’s terrible.

Epstein: Would you stop the federal raids?

Clinton: Yes, I will.

as Reason, uh, reasoned:

An appropriate follow-up question would have asked how Clinton felt when her husband pursued a policy similar to Bush’s, refusing to accept state policy judgments regarding the medical use of cannabis. Still, good for Hillary Clinton, which is not something I get to say very often.

NB: I haven’t researched the validity of this quote.  and yes, ending the “War on Drugs” is something I’d vote for.  saving people from themselves is not the place of the government.

* yes, the thought of this made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.



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10 responses to “wow, I just inched closer to voting for Hillary*

  1. While I agree with your nota, I am not sure that is the hill on which I would want to die.
    My father often rolls his eyes at my being a single-issue voter, but that issue is not the so-called war on drugs…

  2. WHOA! I never said I was a single-issue voter either, and rest assured “one inch closer” is still about a football field away from actually pulling the lever (or dimpling the chad, or pressing the touchscreen) for Hillary.

  3. Kelly, so does that mean you are a single-issue voter?

  4. Hmmm…maybe she inhaled?

  5. Yeah, I am afraid I am becoming one. That issue is pretty big, though. It’s tax reform. I will not vote for a candidate who is not committed to sweeping and radical income tax reform. That is, I will not vote for a candidate who is not in favor of abolishing the IRS, and hopefully SSI.

  6. Ok, I just got a little scared there at your inching. I don’t know if you used a football field analogy deliberately or not, but football is widely considered to be a “game of inches.”

  7. “reform” is a slippery word; you can totally reform the tax code ten different ways and end up with ten different outcomes — way less taxes, way more taxes, way easier taxes, way harder taxes… you get my point. you could eliminate the IRS and SSI while jacking taxes up to 50%… but I don’t think that’s what you’re going for.

  8. No, it is not exactly what I am seeking. Besides, I didn’t say that I will vote for any candidate who claims to reform the tax code. It is merely the criterion by which I am measuring my choice. It will be a lonely election for me, as Ron Paul will most certainly not get the GOP nod.
    He may, however, run as the Libertarian candidate again…

  9. to push the football analogy, Hillary is still 4th and long — not even close to a first down, let alone scoring/winning.

  10. Where would American English be without sports analogies?
    I tend to stick with football analogies, simply because I grew up in the South, where college ball is a religion.

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