Do Something, for the children!

I hardly know where to begin with this one. I was reading something at, and there was a PSA ad at the bottom saying “Delete Cyberbullying”. I figured it would be a link to the Onion or something, so I clicked. Nope, it’s a real campaign by the National Crime Prevention Council.

Cyberbullying is a problem affecting almost half of all American teens.


Since when is bullying a crime? Other topics listed on McGruff’s page that aren’t crimes:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Hate/Bias
  • Preparedness (for natural disasters and terrorism)
  • Volunteering
  • Workplace Safety

[note — this one was queued up from months ago… it may not have been fully baked, but it wasn’t getting any fresher either/]



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5 responses to “Do Something, for the children!

  1. Is this the equivalent to “Slam Books” that were around when I was a kid?

  2. Uh, how does Cyber Bullying work? where do I sign up? I never got the chance to be the bully in school, if I could do that online now, it might make me a complete person…… jeesh, had I only known……….


  3. I think ROTFL means Roll On The Floor Laughing; that’s the kind of thing I was going for. LMAO is Laugh My A$$ Off, and it’s in the middle there… that string of incomprehensible acronymism really did represent what I was doing/thinking at the time, but like I said it was months ago and I did post it, so I forget the specifics now.

    make up your own words for the acronym — have your own fun.

  4. Great! You have just figured out a way to amuse your younger brother for days to come. I may even be able to get out of cooking for him or doing his laundry…

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