what is our purpose in Iraq?

full disclosure: I supported going in and taking out Saddam.

but what are we doing now? I don’t buy the idea that we’re stopping terrorists before they attack us on our homeland. if that was the case, we should have Delta-force teams seeking and destroying terrorist cells in Iraq, taking out training camps en mass… I’m sure somebody will tell me that we are doing that, but if that’s true we should be celebrating some victories and demoralizing the enemy.

I know it’s just one man’s opinion, but I don’t believe Al Qaeda is using Iraq as a base of operations and I don’t imagine they’ll swarm in once US troops leave. if they do, our intelligence will detect it (yes, I still believe in our intelligence agencies — I think discrediting US intelligence is part of a disinformation campaign, of sorts), and then we send in the terrorist-sniffing special forces with a clear mission. I thought Pakistan was the terrorist haven right now, and Saudi Arabia always looks shady; so what are we doing in Iraq?

if it’s democracy, I think we’ve done all we can to help them along and now we need to get out of the way. they had elections, they have a government. they need to take over their own security — is it just me or does it seem like none of the Iraqis seem too concerned about it? you see images of their troops, and they’re disorganized and disinterested… they need internal leadership, and that’s something we can’t impose on them.

so when people call for us getting out of Iraq, I have to agree. not quickly, not hastily and certainly not cutting off funding. I’d be happy if someone laid out a 24-month plan to be out; 12-months would be better if it could be accomplished safely. and I don’t want us out because the rest of the world has an opinion about it, or the UN, or Michael Moore — I could care less about any of them.  I don’t think Bush is a war-criminal himself, I don’t think he’s stupid, and I don’t think he was misled or wrong for going into Iraq in the first place.  I just don’t understand or agree with his reasons for continuing to be there;  I just don’t see the viability of the ‘mission’, and it seems like most of America agrees.

[now I’m also willing to concede that if I was in on the President’s security briefings there might be plenty of reason for me to change my mind, but if that’s true the executive branch has to do a better job of selling it to the American public.]



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16 responses to “what is our purpose in Iraq?

  1. I wonder if the sun will rise tomorrow, because I agree with you 100%.

    Of course, when I tell you that your brother and I were having a similar discussion yesterday and he also feels this way, you may want to do something dire…

  2. killer

    yes its official…not only do you and your inlaws agree, but you and i also agree…the world will end tomorrow.

    we are wasting mucho dinero and many lives by being there. our mission there is finished.

    on a ridiculous side note what we need to do is have an international summit including terrorist leaders. invite osama and any other terrorists and leaders from all countries. i’ll be the moderator!! think of it, me changing the world (for the better of course)!!

  3. Bryan

    Chalk up another one in the “agree” column. The Iraqi PM has said we can leave anytime and ,according to yesterday’s Washinton Post, our government’s own war games projections do not show a complete collapse if we pull out. I also agree that Bush isn’t stupid, but he is stubborn as hell. Not sure if it’s a surefire belief in the cause, a messianic complex or simply not wanting to admit that he’s wrong. The other thing I have grown incredibly weary of is being talked down to by Bush, Cheney, Tony Snow etc. They talk to us from podiums as if we couldn’t possibly accurately comprehend the situation. While, of course, they have far more info than I do, they don’t have to speak to the American public like we are 5-year-olds.

  4. Roberto

    For one thing, I don’t believe that there were any terrorist forces in Iraq until we took over. Our continued presence or “occupation” is only one of many factors that brings them there today. Remove that factor and Al Queda becomes weaker.

    As for the Iraqis, they seem to have done little to help their plight. The way I see it is that they were given a tremendous oppurtunity and they’ve failed to run with it.

  5. wow, so much consensus… that’s no fun; I’m going back to ranting about public education.

    Bryan — I totally agree; and you reminded me that something about Cheney is really unnerving. maybe the lefties have repeated the Darth Cheney meme so much that I’ve been brainwashed, but I really don’t like him being in that circle of power anymore.

    of course, not one of the (viable) candidates from either party give me any comfort… but that’s another post.

    oh KP, that international summit is a fine idea, but I wouldn’t volunteer to host it — something tells me a “tactical strike” would be in order; something that leaves no survivors…

  6. killer

    well lets have it in canada then

  7. You could always weigh in on sex education in kindergarten…

  8. Yea, I saw a little bit of The View today, where the topic of sex education in K was brought up. Personally, I feel that it’s my responsibility as a PARENT to talk to my child when the time is right. Parents that are in touch with their own children, know when the time is right. I’ve already had to have this conversation with my oldest when he was in the beginning of 2nd grade. However, as The View pointed out today…. a family blamed the “school” when their 15 year old daughter became pregnant. Thought it should be taught in school. UGH!!! Once again, the school is at fault…..unbelievable!!
    p.s. Nice to see you blogging again Chris

  9. Kevin

    Chris, can you explain why it has to take 12 or even 24 months for us to leave? And you say you want the exit to be accomplished safely. Whose safety is that? Is that the Iraqis or are you just worried about something like a long line of troops marching out of Iraq being targeted?

  10. Yeah, if the ‘UNSURGE’ was obvious, the troops would be a major target for all those terrorists who aren’t even there……

    I say screw the surrounding areas who are really harbouring the bad guys, napalm the whole damned place back to the stone ages, it’ll only take one strike!!! THen send in the Hawaiin Tropic Girls in skimpy bathing suits, so the men would understand how great it is to be like us!! Then drop in a load of Levi’s 501’s and some Wham! tapes…. THen we could drop in the Wild Turkey and beernuts, and really rock their world!!

    Sorry, I felt this post lacked sarcasm……

  11. It is my understanding that he 12-24 month timetable is because of the sheer magnitude of getting all personnel and equipment out, yes?

    I seem to recall someone (that is a military source) estimating that it would take one month per unit for draw down, but I cannot remember who said it or where I heard it (my best guess would be NPR).

  12. Kevin — I used 24 months only as an example of a date way-far-off, but at least committed to. The Administration won’t even talk about dates, they seem to consider that defeatist. I’d like to see it take a week, but I think Kelly point about the time to mobilize troops is the buffer I was giving them. I’m concerned about US troop safety — I know they won’t just walk out with their backs turned, but I’m afraid if they feel their work is done I imagine they might turn down the intensity/caution… (obviously, I am NOT a military strategist).

    Big Red, you’re a nut.

  13. Sometimes you feel like a nut………

  14. I know only what I hear from my friends over there, but more than one has said that his work is NOT done over there… I am inclined to agree, but I also am not inclined to risk too much more at this point. I wonder if the Iraqi people will, in my lifetime, be ready willing and able to accept the great responsibility that comes with freedom and self-government. Legalism and despotism are, in many ways, much easier. If nothing else, you can always blame the government, right?

  15. Interesting op-ed piece in the NYT yesterday…
    Sheds some light on the current situation, and from a surprising source!

  16. JP

    I don’t agree with you. We’re over there training them so that they’ll be self sufficient and be able to defend themselves in case an Al-Qaeda invasion were to occur, not to mention they are asking us to stay and help. We lose fellow soldiers due to the left over IED’s and Taliban/Al-Qaeda forces. We leave the FOB (Forward Operating Base) to get from point A to point B and hit an IED and/or receive small arms fire. If Al-Qaeda wasn’t using Iraq as a base of operations then why is it soldiers are still dying from Al-Qaeda forces? Also the reason they don’t put a 24 month plan or any of that on television because everyone and there mothers around the world gets American television

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