why it’s good to be an odd number

I was flipping through SI.com’s “Best Athletes by Number” and was getting bored of all the virtually anonymous NFL players that lucked out by picking a number no Pro-Bowler ever picked…  then I stumbled on #93.  That brought a smile to my face, and made the list for me.



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6 responses to “why it’s good to be an odd number

  1. Bryan

    One tough SOB. A good pick by SI. Wasn’t it ’93 when he had that great playoff run that ended in the conference final loss to the Kings? Coincidence?

  2. I believe it was 1992, but I could be wrong. I remember watching one of the games at E.D. Supply in Ocean City… (you think I’d take 5 seconds and look it up, being on the Internet and all, but I’m too lazy to even do that right now.)

    The only other #93 I can remember, in the history of sport: Peter Nedved.

  3. Roberto

    No, it was the ’93 playoffs. That was the year that I was fully turned into a hockey fan, my enlightenment if you will. Dougie Gilmour became an all time favorite for me then. That was a great playoff season and the Leafs had a fantastic run. I remember Gilmour being so damned tough, he was playing with double black eyes. It was awesome. During one of the Leafs/Kings games I had driven Tara home and on the way back to my parents I miraculously picked up a AM broadcast out of Toronto – which was amazing since Philly is only a couple of hours away and I couldn’t get any of their games. At one point, I lost the wavelength and since the game was just in the third, I turned around and drove back up RT 13 a few miles so that I could get it clearly again. I pulled over on the side of the highway and listened to the rest of the game. Gilmour was one tough bastard. Didn’t he finish his career in Motreal?

  4. He did go to Montreal (and Jersey), but he retired as a Leaf, rejoining them for one game in 2003 — he was injured in the second period and never returned.

  5. Roberto

    Jersey…I forgot completely about Jersey.

  6. killer

    glad to see you back on the blog.
    his nickname is killer too!! great player.

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